Hello.  My name is Wendell Jordan Jr.  I am guest blogging for my dad for Father’s Day.  I am the father of two very lovely children Kamaria and Amir.  I want to talk about raising a son.

I have a 14 month son named Amir.  I chose that name because of its meaning, leader or Prince.  I wanted to give him a name that would forge his character before he was born.  Now that he is here, I look to the lessons my father has taught me about being a young man and a father.  I can remember him telling me that we (my brother and I) were the most important in his life and that nothing came before us.  No matter what else he had going on; my father was always at any important event in my life.  From my elementary school graduation to taking my pregnant wife and I to the hospital and sitting with us until 3AM when he had to be at work at 7AM.  Even though my son is still a baby, I practice these same habits.  I’ve never missed a check up or immunization shot because I wanted him to know that daddy is never too busy for him.

One of the most fondest memories with my father is the time he kept me home from school in the 6th grade to take me to see the new “Star Trek” movie.  He took me because he was a bit of a “trekked” and he wanted to share his love of the series with me.  I don’t remember anything about the movie but I know that I enjoyed it because I was with my dad and he loved it.   Now I try to include Amir in everything I love, from basketball to video games.

Another thing my father taught me was to be supportive of anything my son may decide to do with his life (as long as it legal).  I may not be able to practice this for a few years but my father laid the ground work thick.  I have tried a variety of different jobs over my short 27 year life but my father always showed full support.  He always says “good for you, work hard at it to see if you like it and if you don’t you’re young, you have time to try many options “.  My father is and has been a great influence on me raising my son to be the leader I want him to become.

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  1. Lee

    If it weren’t for Dave Miller, I wouldn’t have a dad My bloaogicil father split when I was just a baby. I’ve never known him. My mother remarried and this man has been my dad ever since.He has emotionally supported me, morally supported me, and financially supported me. He instilled hard work and ethics in me at a very young age. He also taught me the importance of school. Once I turned 18, I was forced by law to use my bloaogicil father’s last name but he will never be my dad. As I graduate with my first college degree next Friday, I have hyphened my last name on my diploma to show my dad that it was HIM that taught me that hard work and determination will pay off.I remind him every father’s day that it takes a true man to raise another man’s child as his own. And THAT is my favorite memory of my dad.

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