\"\"In one of my earlier posts I talked about the importance of positive speaking.  I always felt that the way I speak to my kids can determine what kind of relationship I  have with them and it will also determine what kinds of relationships they have with other people.  If I curse allot there\’s a good chance that my kids will curse allot.  If I speak positively then my kids will speak positively.

What is equally important to how I speak to them is how I treat them.  I\’ve always been the type of person who feels that the glass is always 1/2 full.  I\’ve learned over the years that no matter what negative thing happens, I have the ability to turn that negative into a positive.

Using the tool of encouragement helps me instill in my kids this 1/2 full mentality. Success and failure are linked to our emotional well being.  Fear is the main emotion that  keeps most from moving forward.  A hug or some positive words is what I use to keep my kids moving forward.  I make them understand that the most important thing is the effort.  I want my kids to give it their best and I let them know that failure is not the end of the world.  In fact failure can be the stepping stone to getting to the next level.  As time goes on they will learn that the out come will take care of itself. At a time when peer pressure is stronger than ever this can help them to be more focused.

I use the tool of encouragement every chance I get. Encouragement is emotional fuel.  When i encourage my kids, I\’m telling them that they can accomplish their goals by fighting through their fears.  I show them that the real world has it\’s peaks and valleys and despite this they must keep moving forward.

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