\"\"I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. This year went so fast. It seems that it was just yesterday that we were starting the year 2010. The reality is that it was over 365 days ago.  It seems that as I get older, time moves faster and faster and the year 2010 was no exception. I like the fact that we celebrate the New Year because it gives me a chance reflect on the past and see what changes I can make that will my life more rewarding. I’ve learned over the years never to look at this new beginning as something negative.  I am the guy with the glass that’s ½ full. I willingly look forward to what the New Year will bring.

As a positive parent each New Year brings on a new set of challenges. This is due to the fact that as I’m getting older, my kids are getting older. There are many issues that my kids are going through that didn’t disappear on December 31. What this means is that I will have to reinvent the way I approach some issues. Some of these will need to be looked at from a totally new direction. There are others that will just need a lot more reinforcement.   In either case I look forward to helping my kids grow up to becoming useful members of society. There is no better feeling than to watch a child (grown up or not) go through an issue and come out on the other side a much better person.

I would like to take this time to thank the close to 66,000 who visited this website last year. Many of you have written comments that were very encouraging. Some of you didn’t agree with what I was saying and that’s OK. I created this website to generate a discussion about positive parenting. I do not feel that my way of looking at things is the only way. There are many of you who have interesting experiences. Throughout this year I will look forward to hearing, more from you about those experiences, so that we all can grow and become the best positive parents we can become.


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  1. Ben Arnold

    Thank you so much for making the world a better place! Family is where it all starts, either the success of our world or otherwise. Communities, nations, the entire human race all depends on that first building block. A father might be a total failure in comparison to the almighty woman, but he is necessary none-the-less. And the better he does the more his wife can help him. This team is a win/win system, even when it fails it often actually has benefited the world and itself in ways it can’t see or fathom. This world was built around success, we are meant to succeed in spite of ourselves. Even if we did nothing there would still be children being born all around us regardless. Life is practically automatic. We just need to hang on. If life is easier or better it’s usually because of what a Father did. In other words, the only direction is up, and the only decision we need to make is how awesome we would like it to be. The only other things we can do, is gather around Father and play our own roles the best we can, to support that great mission. If the Father does likewise, that’s when you see true perfection; when a woman and man become one. If humans are the greatest species, a man and woman becoming one is the greatest power of all living creatures. And their offspring couldn’t have it any better!

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