As a positive parent, I feel that my most important job is to be a beacon of light for my kids.  I think that I am the one who has to show them that life is worth living. I should be the one who keeps the flames of hope stoked in their young minds.  I believe that having hope is the stepping stone for creativity and no one can be creative when they see the world through doom and gloom eyes. I feel that despite what is going on around us, we can live our lives to the fullest.

I have tried to live as positively as possible. I did not always look at life this way.  It is something that I have cultivated over the past few years and it began right after I began living sober. Someone from one of the many support groups I attended during that time would always point out to me that I should always walk with my head held high. That person continued to tell me that I had to separate myself from those acts I did in my drinking life to the way I was living now. He lastly explained to me that if I continued to walk with my head held down there could be a good chance I would walk into a wall or put myself in some other type of danger.

There were two other events that helped solidify this way of thinking. My mom worked as a receptionist for a major book company and she would bring home a lot of books for us to read. One of the books she came in contact with is called Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro.  She was even able to get the author to autograph that copy. But to tell you the truth that book stayed in my bookshelf, collecting dust for a few years after she gave it to me.

When I finally began to read it, I found that the ideas it shared was just what I needed. The book talks about how we need to develop a different way of looking at things. It described that negative events do not necessarily mean that the world is coming to an end. For example, because I woke up late to go to work doesn’t mean that I am going to have a bad day. This leads to the next positive event in my life.

At the insistence of a coworker, I began attending an all men’s meeting at a church in Mt Vernon, New York. We attended that meeting for over a year and the underlying theme throughout is that God is good. The pastor gave us various things in the bible to corroborate this theme. She also went on to teach us that not only that is God good, but he is good all the time. So, I should not look at over sleeping as something negative. Perhaps, and I hope you are with me on this, I over slept because God has deemed it important that my lateness would put me in position to see somebody or something. Seeing that person or thing in some way is going to help me and in most instances, when I was late there was a person or a thing I needed to see. I strongly feel that on those days when I didn’t anyone, God was still working because there may have been someone who needed to see me.

These events have created in me the will and desire to remain positive at all costs. I have been doing this for so long that I don’t think I could think negative if I wanted to.

I have a Facebook account and I use it as a venue to talk about being positive. I am the guy with the glass that’s ½ full. Every day at 6:11 AM I will say something that will promote positivity and at times share a tool or two that could help someone get there. Please go there, become my friend (I’m Wendell Jordan Sr.) and let me know if these sayings are helpful you.

The bottom line is that my kids and your kids watch us a lot closer than they listen to us. This is why we have to be that light to show them that life is good.


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