I thought I would give you a different writing style.

I hope you enjoy it.

Same Old Song

I wake up each morning with this weight
on my shoulders
I’ve been carrying this thing for what
seems like forever
I thought that if I take a good shower,
it would go down the drain with the dead
skin and dirt that was on me.But when
I got out of the tub that thing
is still attached

Maybe this is all a dream and I’ll wake up
Perhaps I could really go to sleep.
I could stay there forever but, when
I do I don’t stay long.

I wake up only to feel this thing on me.
It’s still here. I get sad.
Maybe it will never leave.
I could keep this thing in a bottle.
Or maybe I could get a hold of those
thoughts that are found in a pipe.

I don’t think so
The thought of both scare me. Perhaps
if I retrace my steps
I could figure out how this thing got here.

Yes, that might work.
I’ll put some music on. That will relax
me and help clear my mind.

I’ve found my station. The music is
I begin to think that I may have to
carry this thing a little longer………….

They’re playing my favorite song.


I\’m the guy whose glass is always 1/2 full.