\"\"Have you ever had the situation where you witnessed a kid out of control and the parent was at a loss? They didn\’t know what to do. I\’ve seen this play out many times in my lifetime and each time I was so close to intervening, but I couldn\’t.  This did not concern me.  It wasn\’t any of my business.

There were many times in my kids lives where this same situation came up.  The only difference was I knew exactly what to do.  I believe my role as a parent includes training my children so that they may become useful members of society.  They\’re behavior will determine how useful they will be.

Society does not tolerate bad behavior.  The jails are filled with many who exhibit this.  This is not to say that are children will become criminals if they don\’t behave but, if we don\’t start when they are young, to train them, then we are opening the door to many other problems.

Spanking is one way adjust this.  Some say that spanking is cruel.  They also say that it can destroy a child.

We must be able to to tell the difference between spanking and child abuse.  The two are not the same!! No one and I mean no one should abuse a child.  Physically or mentally.  Spanking is not abuse.  Spanking is a way to get and keep control over our children.

Sometimes parents, in their quest to give their kids freedom,  they turn them into animals.  They become these little monsters who don\’t behave, are rude and are completely out of control.  I feel that if these behaviors are not nipped in the bud when they are young , these little monsters become big monsters.  I can\’t tell you the number of times I\’ve seen a teenager be disrespectful to his/her parents.  It saddens me and angers me at the same time.  I feel that if these parents had disciplined these kids when they were young, these present problems may not exist.  A simple spanking lets them know whose in control and who they need to show respect to.

In my own experience, a few taps on the backside is all that was needed.  That small act established who was in control.  It let it be known who was the parent and who was the kid. Very rarely did I have to do this more than once.  I remember  myself as a child, my dad or mom would give me a spanking, and if  a later time I misbehaved they would give me that look.  (Don\’t act stupid. You know what I\’m talking about. That look). That look let me know that if I didn\’t turn myself around they would go to the next level. Most of the time it worked.

What was more important, they were showing me how to deal with my own kids. I do not have to beat my kids into submission. (Child Abuse Is Not Cool!!). A simple thing like spanking is a great tool to use in child rearing.

I\’d sure like to know what you think about this post and all my other posts.

I love being a dad!!

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  1. Benny

    Nice words…well-stated…and a nicely packaged plea for treating children less well than we treat pets. You try to make the case that inflicting pain on children is a reasonable and adult approach to child discipline. All the well though out words and and nicely stated rhetoric will never make that so. Are all spankings abusive? No, but some are. What is true is that both the sort of spanking you describe and beatings that provides significant damage are all on the same continuum of inflicting pain on children to assert authority and demand compliance. If spanking is not always abuse, it IS always misuse of adult power, strength and authority. If you are so devoid of creativity and so unwilling to put in effort to find alternative to hitting children and causing them pain, then I guess you have to come up with this paean to spanking children as if it were something generous, wonderful and beneficial. Believe your lie if you wish…but it is indeed a lie. Discipline despite what you say, is NOT hitting.

  2. Swati Singh

    Surely spanking is cruel and is not a way to make your kids a better human beings. By spanking you do more harm than good. What can be achieved by talking I a child cannot be achieved by spanking

  3. Spare the Rod....

    I enjoyed your article & was amazed someone has the courage to say they spank their children! In the Liberal climate we live in where young adults need ‘safe spaces’ so they don’t have to deal with things they find unpleasant or, in many cases, just an opposing point of view, it can be difficult to use a traditional form of discipline without being shamed or put down for it. In the Liberal mind its absolutely fine to teach kindergartners about gay and transgender lifestyles which are concepts they have no understanding of and are not mature enough to handle, but a swat on the fanny to get their attention after exhausting all else, is child abuse. What a messed up world! And all the more reason for children to learn respect for their parents.
    Don’t let the commenters who are in need of a ‘safe space’ get to you. Spanking your child is NOT abuse, nor does it mean you aren’t using other forms of teaching to help your child learn. Every parent has to discover what works for THEIR child & frequently that changes as the child goes through each new phase.
    Parenting is the Toughest Job on the Planet!
    So…Happy Parenting! You sound like a Loving Dad!

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