\"\"The one thing that I think is very important is the amount of time I spend with my kids.  I feel this way because my time with them shows how much I care. It also gives me the time hear about what is going well or not so well in their lives.  I would love to spend all day observing them, so I could give them all the direction that they would need.  In reality this is not only unhealthy but also it is not feasible.  Everyone needs their personal space.

What I try to do is to schedule events that would bring us together.  One thing we guys ( my three sons and I) love is basketball.  This week my oldest son got tickets to see the New Jersey Nets.  I have no idea who they\’re playing and their 5-50 record is sure to guarantee that only die hard fans will be there.  The only thing that is important is that, for 4 hours, we will be together.  This will give us more than enough time to talk and to do some bonding.  No problems will be solved during this time but it will open the door for discussions later on.

It is my job to transport my daughter back and forth from our place to hers.  With her two beautiful daughters in the back seat, the half an hour ride gives me time to find out what\’s going on in her life. Just as with the boys, some times I can\’t solve her problems but in some cases I can give her a new way to approach her situation.

Due to work constraints it may be a week or two before I can physically see them.  I don\’t let this stop me from staying in contact.  I use my cell and home phone to reach out and touch them.  Tex-ting is a great way to communicate because sometimes typing the words \” R u OK? I\’m OK\” is all that is needed.

The quantity of time is not as important as the quality.  When I\’m with my kids I try to make the most of the time I\’m with them.  Enjoying each other is the main goal.  If we\’re able to help each other with our situations ( I bounce things off them too) then it makes the experience just that much more enjoyable.

This is my opinion.  I would love to read about how you think. Do you agree or disagree with me?  As always don\’t forget to vote in this weeks poll.


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