\"\"One of the most important structures in today’s society is that of the family.  As a positive parent I work hard to make sure that my family understands that each of us plays a vital role in our survival.

As a sports enthusiast I see that the family is a team. Everyone wants their team to be #1. Those teams that are successful, in my opinion, seem to have three things in common. First, they all understand that the team must come first. The survival of the team must be the driving force of each member.  Second, they understand that in order to maintain that status some members may have to sacrifice his/ her personal goals. It’s difficult to experience true success unless the whole team is successful at the same time. Third, they understand that when one member is unable to perform at his/her highest level (due to an injury), the rest of the team must not only help to get that person healthy, but they may have to step up their involvement to fill the void of that hurt person.

When I was young, I watched my positive parenting role models (my dad and my mom) put these concepts in action on many occasions. They had and still have a clear idea that we succeed as a unit.  I’ve done my best to pass this on to my own children. Although we don’t live in the same household, we are very aware of what is going on in each other’s lives. We talk to each other regularly on the phone and we see each other as often as we can.

Presently we are rallying around my mom. I mentioned in an earlier post that since suffering a stroke 2 years ago, she is now suffering from dementia.  In recent weeks her condition has gotten progressively worse and there are some difficult decisions that we have to make. As the patriarch of our family, my dad could make these decisions all by himself. But also, as the team leader, he feels that it is very important for the whole team (which includes my sister, my brother and I) to be in agreement not only about her condition, but what direction we shall move in from here. Regardless of where we go from here, we have all came to the conclusion that the wellbeing of my mom has to be the first and only priority. It is through this process that we will continue to be a successful family.


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