When most think about perfection a lot of things come to mind. In baseball there is the no-hitter. Here a pitcher from one team doesn’t let anyone on the opposing team get a hit for the entire length of the game.
Then there is a perfect record. The Miami Dolphins football team, in 1972, had a 14-0 regular season and then went on to win 3 playoff games which included that years’ Super Bowl.
Then there is me. I’ve had the most wonderful life. It all began when I was very young. I think have the best parents a kid could have. When I was very young they gave me a pill. I never knew what was in that pill but I trusted the wisdom of my parents. That pill made me the most perfect kid in the world. I got the highest grades in school. I went to the most prestigious college in the country. I even married the perfect woman. We had two wonderful children and we gave them that same pill and to no one’s amazement they also became perfect.
We have all been living our lives in that perfect state of perfection.
It would be wonderful if such a marvel of medicine existed but in reality there is no such thing.
I did get good grades in school, but I think that was more the result of my neediness than anything else. I did get into one of the city\’s top colleges but, I dropped out in my second year. I did get married but after 23 years we divorced. I do have 3 great kids (2 from my marriage and the third from another relationship).
I, like every parent has tried to be the best I could be. Every parent wants to have their kids excel in life. Everyone wants their kid to be the model of society.
I have boys so it was my thought was that they would become professional athletes. When they were babies I gave them things like footballs, basketballs and baseball gloves.
The oldest at 31, I think, has found his niche. He volunteers as an assistant basketball coach and has begun a promising career as a salesman. By the way the team he is the assistant of won the 2014 New York City PSAL Boy’s High School basketball championship (Cardozo High School).
The other two are still young and they haven’t yet found what drives them. The middle boy likes to write. The youngest seems to have an interest in science.
As I’m getting older, I find that there is less of an emphasis on perfection as there is an emphasis on drive.
I don’t have to find that imaginary pill. I don’t have to be the perfect parent and they don’t have to be the perfect kids.
It’s important for all of us to move in a positive direction with me as their leader.
There is no definitive path that we should move on. Our goal is be as open minded as possible. Having an open mind will help us to see all that is in front of us. This is important for all positive parents.
It’s sometimes hard for my kids to see but at 61, I have dreams and aspirations for my life. I am at retirement age and I’m not ready to reside in that rocking chair they got for me.
We are moving as a unit to make ourselves the best we could be. There are times when I give my input about the choices they make. As a positive parent there have been times when the roles are reversed and they gave me their input on my choices. It’s a good feeling to have your kids concerned and involved in your life. I think, maybe, I’m doing something right. I also have to show that I’m as open minded as I want them to be.
So, I guess the moral of the story is that in order to be a positive parent, I don’t have to be a perfect parent.
I’m sorry but I have to end this post right now.
I am watching this amazing infomercial that is advertising a thing called the “Perfect Pill”. This pill has all the things I’m looking for and it’s guaranteed to work or I can get my money back.
I have to go because for a short time if I buy one, I can get another free. I just have to pay the shipping and handling.
Think of it. I can be the perfect parent. The only problem is what do I do with the other pill? Where did I put my credit card?

I’m the guy whose glass is always ½ full.



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  1. Diane Jones

    Honesty in your writing. Well done.

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