\"\"The second full week of school has just been completed.  I feel a little relieved that this is behind us.  As usual I waited until the last minute to organize my son’s school supplies. This was done even though I was given the supply list when school ended last June.  Despite it all I did pretty good to get everything on that list and I have made myself a promise to myself to be more organized next year.

The school my son goes to here in NYC was just as unorganized as I was.  It wasn’t until that first day of school that we found out what class he was going to.  We knew he was going into the first grade but we just didn’t have his class number or teacher’s name.  Once we got there all our fears (more mine than his) were put to rest.  We met this wonderful young lady who introduced herself as his teacher.  I also got to meet her two assistants and she told me that I could leave him in her hands. So I left and went on to work.

This first day of school was behind us and I could now focus on another part of the school day that I find is equally important and also very enjoyable.  That is the time I spend with him before school. We start work at 7:30 in the morning.  This means that we are all up very early.  Before he began school we would get him to the babysitter’s. My wife and I take turns taking him to school.  Sometimes breakfast is made it at home and we eat in the car.  There are other times when we eat at our favorite deli.  Since he is up with us we have nicknamed him “The hardest working boy in New York”.

Our best time, in my opinion, is when we take that slow walk to his school.  This is when a lot of bonding takes place.  We talk about everything. It’s about a ten or fifteen minute walk and I cherish every minute.  When we reach his school I feel that we are both on such a positive high that we can move on to complete the rest of our day.

I have always felt that there is more to school than reading, writing and arithmetic. These things are very important but, I also feel that the quality of the time spent together before school starts helps to open up that young mind so he can receive the learning he needs.


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  1. Jeannette

    What a precious memory. Those are the moments he will remember when he has children! Keep creating those special moments!

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